JLC Dance Inclusive Ltd

We’re diverse enough to invite everyone to the party and Inclusive enough to ask you all to dance


We are an organisation that aims to promote and deliver activities to people who in someway are disadvantaged.


These activities aim to

  • Reduce isolation and loneliness,
  • Help support improvement in physical health and mental well being
  • Bringing help older people and those with long term conditions and disabilities
  • To gain access to dance and social activities.
  • Promote awareness


Currently Running

Dance classes at Ainsdale Lunch & leisure,

Dementia Tea Dancer at JLC Dance Blackpool,

Sign Choir at JLC Dance Blackpool,

JLC Walkers and Wheeler’s Troupe at JLC Dance Blackpool,

I Salsa at JLC Dance Blackpool,

JLC Deaf awareness courses at various venues

Sky Badger Awareness Scheme


Contact Janet on –  07940088776
Email –

Janet is a profoundly deaf dancer who believes dance is for all

Janet Lee Chapman Founder & Director of 
* JLC Dance Inclusive Ltd
* JLC Dance Ltd Blackpool's Premier Ballroom School
* JLC Dance International Ltd