Deaf Awareness courses

Deaf Awareness Course

Deaf Course ( certificate of attendance)
Are you a dance teacher who gets deaf or hard of hearing students?
Do you really understand what they hear or not hear?
Do you understand the difference between hearing aids and Bahas?
Could you be playing music at a level that could damage your hearing or your pupils?
Do you loose out on custom because deaf people can’t access your business?

Hi my name is Janet Chapman and I am a fellow of the UKA, and a fellow of the IDTA and am also profoundly deaf having lost my hearing in her early 30’s and wear Baha’s but also frequently dance in my silent world.

Over the last 30 years I have taught many hearing and non hearing pupils to dance and in this two hour session I hope to pass on my knowledge of not only how to teach but also how it feels to be non hearing in a class come

Join me by booking a course at your studio for up to 20 students

Email to book on and once conformed return here to pay

  • Two hour course at your venue £100
Note we charge 45p per mile for petrol if more than 10 miles from FY5 1JF

For more information Text me (im deaf)  07940088776 or or email me

As a dance teacher herself, Catherine spent some time teaching dance to deaf students. She says ‘it brought a lifetime of joy within her heart”.
It is because of this experience that she wants to spread the word that deaf children love to dance. Teaching in Hartford, Connecticut, Catherine would dress the kids in costumes and they would copy her dance moves.While the story is inspired by her experience as a teacher, some characters are created from memories of her time as a dance student. The character of Miss Helyn in the book is in real life the teacher who first taught Catherine how to dance. Rachel Elliott, Education Manager of Green Candle Dance Company in the UK highlights the benefits of deaf children learning dance. She says “dance is an art form through which they can derive great pleasure and express themselves in an immediate way, in contrast to the difficulties they can experience communicating with the hearing world”. Apart from the personal and educational benefits, dance classes are a great way of children to meet new friends and socialise. Rachel hopes that her summer school and other dance schools will break the barriers to dance that many deaf children and even adults experience.(compiled by Miriam Walsh) 
Here is a few signs that might help
have you thought of running a sign choir it’s an ideal way to bring hearing and non hearing people together.